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My Story

Nice to meet you! My name is Danielle Rother (my maiden name is Danielle Duet). I am a millennial, originally born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I grew up in a devout Catholic family and I enjoyed going to private Catholic schools where I learned more about the faith. I graduated from a prestigious all-girls Catholic high school called the Academy of the Holy Names, in 2009. My family is part of the Academy legacy since both my mother and sister also graduated from there.


At a young age, I was interested in digital media. In middle school I taught myself photo and video editing. Eventually, I learned how to use the Adobe Creative Suite as well as many other multimedia programs. While I was in college I created the official logo for the Mary TV website, which is still in use today. In 2013, I graduated from the University of Tampa with a BFA in Digital Arts.


After graduating from college I desired to learn about Catholicism in a more robust way. I discovered the Catholic Studies Master's degree program at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. I applied for the program and received a fellowship to attend the university. It was then that I moved to the Twin Cities from Tampa, Florida. It was a big adjustment getting acclimated to the extremely cold temperatures after living in the sunshine state for my whole life, up to that point; but I was able to manage.


While I was at the University of St. Thomas I met my husband, Jeff Rother. He was originally enrolled as a seminarian, pursuing the priesthood, at the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity. However, he discerned out of seminary formation and we started dating in the summer of 2014. I met many wonderful people while I was at St. Thomas in the Catholic Studies program. Finally, I graduated with my Master’s degree in 2016.


Jeff proposed at the beginning of 2017 and we were married nearly six months later, on August 4th. We had a beautiful Traditional Latin Mass wedding. The Latin Mass was something that my husband introduced me to while we were dating and both of us fell in love with in. Since it became such a big part of our relationship and how we worshipped together we chose to have our wedding in the Extraordinary Form.




Danielle Duet Rother at the University of Tampa reading book. | Photo by Justin Davis



We have been living in Hastings, Minnesota ever since and we visit my family and friends in Florida on occasion. However, for several years I've struggled with some chronic health problems that have made it more difficult for me to travel, but I especially enjoy going to the Walt Disney World parks with my friends when I am able. Meanwhile, I am continuing to live in Minnesota with my husband and my sweet kitty named Maverick.


I had previously worked as a freelance graphic designer, but since I've had issues with my health for some time I have taken a long term break from commission work, which has aloud me to rest and recover. Even so, I still enjoy creating digital content as I am able and I have put my focus on developing YouTube videos and media for other social platforms, simply as a passion project.

As you can tell, I love the Catholic faith and I desire to live it out in my own life and to share it with others through my artistic and digital media talents. I am very grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities I have had thus far and I look forward to what is next to come — taking it one day at a time. ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you for reading my story. God bless!



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My Favorites

These are a few of my favorite things! You might recognize some of my favorite brands, products, music, movies, and more from my YouTube videos. If something peaks your interest I encourage you to check it out.


Please feel free to send me a message in the contact form if you'd like to chat about something you see here or if you want to suggest an idea for a YouTube video! You can also add a comment in the discussion thread at the bottom of this page. I look forward to hearing what you think about some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Check out my Mental Health Music playlist on Spotify. It has a collection of pop songs that are emotionally relatable for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, grief, etc. These songs have been an uplifting source for me and I hope they can be for you too! Just remember, you are a strong person and God will see you through anything. Philippians 4:13


About: My Favorites

My Favorite

beauty brands

Be Your Best Self with Being Frenshe by Ashley Tisdale: Only At Target

Being Frenshe is a new line of personal care products by Ashley Tisdale that focuses on mental health and mood-boosting with the beauty of fragrance! The brand includes candles, perfumes, moisturizers, body washes, and more.


There are currently five specific scent collections: Lavender Cloud, Cashmere Vanilla, Bergamot Cedar, Solar Fleur, and Citrus Amber. Each of these blends are made to enhance your well-being and uplift your mood by evoking an emotional sensation of calmness, comfort, and peace. 


My top favorites fragrances I would recommend trying are Solar Fleur and Cashmere Vanilla! Interested in adding Being Frenshe to your self-care routine? Read more about the brand at and follow them on Instagram at @beingfrenshe.

Being Frenshe by Ashley Tisdale | Target
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New and only at Target

Introducing Being Frenshe: A new line of beauty & personal care products by Ashley Tisdale that puts wellness at the forefront. 

My Favorite Media Apps

for mental health, prayer, and relaxation

One of my favorite apps to use for prayer and meditation has been the Hallow App. It is a Catholic phone application that gives you access to a library of hundreds of audio guides for prayer. I enjoy using it to follow along when praying the rosary, chaplets, novenas, etc.


Unfortunately, it is quite expensive for the premium subscription and the free version has very limited content. And while I do believe the app is significantly overpriced, I have very much benefited from the premium content and would recommend it to anyone. It has enhanced my prayer life, in the home, outside of Mass. It is a great tool that provides you with something calming to listen to before bed or any time of the day.


A favorite playlist of background music I like to listen to is called Catholic Lofi, featured on the Hallow App. It is also available for free on YouTube and Spotify. I encourage you to check it out. Enjoy listening!

Hallow App

Hallow App | Catholic Meditation App

The Hallow App provides audio-guided bible stories, prayers, meditations, and Christian music. Other features include community challenges, a place to journal, and setting daily prayer routines. 


I've enjoyed using the Hallow App and now you can too! Start your free 14-day trial of the premium features, today. Go to for more information.

I Am App

I Am App | Daily Positive Affirmations App

Positive affirmations help rewire our brains, build self esteem, and change negative thought patterns. The I Am App has been an excellent tool that I've used to help combat anxiety and negative thinking — and I only use the free version! 


These daily reminders help you realize what you are truly capable of, helping you to have a better day with each passing day. I highly recommend this app!

My Favorite Movies